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Welcome To Jaipurfarms.com

The founders of Jaipur Farms “Ms. Seema & Mr. Suresh Sankhala” have an experience of over 15 years in Supply Chain Management & Customer Relationship Management. They have worked as IT professionals catering to US & European market with some of the prestigious international food chain brands for their SCM and CRM solutions.

“Farm to Fork” – We believe in this and have implemented to provide the best quality products to customers as a result removing the middlemen from the supply chain. We have worked on delivering products produced in farm being delivered to end customers.

We have also got multiple franchisee of Subway which are operational successfully. Being a subway franchise our main focus is the quality and the freshness of food. After working with Subway for 4 years, we realized to offer cost effective & hygienic food to customer.

Jaipur Farms is a retail concept, selling specialty marinated, pre-cut chicken, mutton, sea foods and cold cuts in an organized retail format in a completely air-conditioned environment. All our products are of the highest quality and are stored in serve-over temperature controlled chillers, served to the customers in food-grade sealed packs.

The other categories of products retailed from the store are packed foods, branded masalas and proprietary pre-packed sauces and related food products.

We also cater variety of veg and non-veg snacks and fast food items like Tikkas, Tandoori, Patties, Samosa, Burgers, Salads, Sandwiches etc and a wide range of Veg and non veg gravies and biryanis of best quality at an affordable price.

We also have in-house bakery, where we prepares variety of premium bakery products and supplying to many hotels and cafes. Now we are looking our own express salling counters for the products.

Our Vision – Raw, Ready to Eat & Marinated Food with International Standards which are maintained in our business ethics at Jaipur Farms. We provide ready to eat products on per kg basis which is appreciated by our clients. In the past few months, the frequency of our repetitive customers has increased tremendously. Our rates are competitive and with the response received from our clients, the demand for opening new outlets has increased.

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